La Verne has its day at the L.A. County Fair

Danielle Hunt
Staff Writer

Every year the Los Angeles County Fair takes over Pomona and attracts thousands of people to its prizes and greasy food.

Wednesday was La Verne Day at the Fair, so many University of La Verne students took advantage of the free admission.

“It was a great opportunity since the fair prices have been ridiculously expensive so to be able to go for free and hang out with my friends and sisters was totally perfect,” said junior anthropology major Katie Yeager.

The Fair is home to many attractions that get the attention of all age groups whether it is the animals, concerts, food, or the giant Ferris wheel.

“It was especially fun to come to the Fair today because they did a City of La Verne Parade where they showed the band from Bonita (High School) and Damien (High School) and it ended with the Clydesdales pulling a carriage with a cute Dalmatian dog and it was a perfect way to start the La Verne Day,” junior photography major Jessie Harsen said.

No Fair trip is ever complete without at least trying some of the greasiest food they have to offer. This year vendors at the fair specialized in fried Kool-Aid, chocolate covered bacon, deep fried cookie dough and even deep fried frog legs.

“I literally ate the entire Fair. I had to try a little bit of everything for it to be a true fair experience and I know feel that I can barely walk into my dorm room,” said sophomore undeclared major Allie Wehner.

Not all La Verne students had an easygoing experience at the fair and it actually left a some students displeased.

“I was really excited to attend free La Verne day with my friends and family and when I arrived at the fair with my student ID they were not accommodating at all,” says sophomore biology major Kayla Hockman.

“I did not have a coupon that they said we had to have in addition to our school ID and that was not advertised at all, which really bothered me and they made me pay the $17 admission fee even though I was a student and it was obviously our free day,” said Hockman.

However once Hockman got into the fair and went on a couple rides and sampled the tasty food, all was right in the world and she enjoyed her time with the rest of the ULV students on La Verne Day.

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