Forever 21, H&M are top buys for students

Amber J. Guadez
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Ingrid Rodriguez
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For some college students, fashion is as important as taking tests, attending class and getting good grades.

A recent survey on campus found that many students, both male and female, shop at Forever 21 for clothes and accessories.

While more than half of the 45 students surveyed said they shop at Forever 21, stores such as Target and H&M were also found to be popular.

”Your fashion should reflect the presence you want,” biology and speech communication major Carl Decker said.

Of the 45 students surveyed, 10 of them said they shopped primarily at Target, 12 of them at H&M. The majority, 24 of them, chose Forever 21 as their preferred store.

“(Forever 21) has a good selection, variety and reasonable prices,” sophomore criminology major Peter Pallesen said. “They provide me with a quality shirt as well as a vast variety.”

Forever 21 is separated into different themes that vary from classic, vintage, timeless pieces to a grunge, rocker chick look.

Select stores of the chain also offer plus size and men’s.

“(Forever 21 is) cheap and they have nice clothes,” junior biology major and art minor Evelyn Bobbitt said.

Forever 21’s prices for clothes range from 99 cents to $60.

“You’re already in a budget as a college student and (Forever 21’s) clothes are affordable,” freshman biology major Noemi Rios said.

Aside from clothing, Forever 21 sells accessories like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, socks, hats, bags, sunglasses and shoes.

“I have a shopping addiction for shoes, but I like buying them from there,” Rios said.

Although Forever 21 came ahead of all the other stores in the survey, some students do not stop at the store when buying their clothes.

“It’s not that I don’t like (Forever 21), it just never caught my attention,” junior criminology major Alex Pena said.

Pena said that she never really shopped there and that it is not her style.

“I go with friends, I just don’t shop (at Forever 21),” sophomore biology major Philip Aledia said.

Although eight of the students did not have a favorite brand, most of the remaining students said their favorite brands included Nike, Levi’s, Volcom and Vans. Their favorite accessories are earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces and rings.

“I spend a lot of time in the sale racks,” Decker said.

Others who were surveyed said the same thing.

When shopping for clothes and accessories, students take in to consideration their budget and how they want to present themselves and be perceived by the world and their peers.

“People who dress boldly aspire to be bold and people who dress diminuitively, I’ve found, show their strengths in different ways,” Decker said.

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