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Group to aid hungry students

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Brian Velez
Life Editor

While undergraduate students who live on campus must purchase a meal plan, other students at times go hungry but a new student-run organization plans on ending the hunger pains of students.

Emergency Food for Students is a non-profit group that hopes to help hungry students, beginning with those on the University of La Verne campus.

“You get angry when you are hungry,” said Loren Rojas, business administration graduate student. “Sometimes you just don’t plan ahead and set money aside for food.”

Rojas speaks from experiences of not having food while attending Palomar College in San Marcos. Rojas, along with fellow business administration graduate student Sajaad Shah are the organizers of EFS.

Rojas and Shah use the term “food insecurity” to explain the hunger problems of students.

“Food insecurity is any type of hunger, meaning you might be eating but not eating properly or not eating enough,” Shah said.

“This is not just happening on this campus this is happening on campuses everywhere.”

Other schools like University of Arkansas and University of Central Florida already have similar programs for students who deal with food insecurity.

“Our program started in the closet of the student union and now has its own office because of the demand from students,” Nicole Preston, community outreach coordinator for UCF, said.

UCF’s food program provides needy students with food and only requires students to show their school ID.

Rojas, who attends graduate school, works as a part-time teacher and is in the National Reserves. He hopes to one day make EFS his full time job.

EFS is currently in the process of clearing all paperwork to become an official non-profit and begin offering students some much-needed help during their time in college.

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