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Community News: Local crime on the rise

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Veronica Sepulveda
Metro Editor

Last Friday the La Verne Police Department released a warning to residents about a series of burglaries and attempted burglaries on the 6700 block of Cactus Drive in northern La Verne after residents of that street reported four suspicious looking people around a nearby home.

Officers responded and the suspects fled. Later, police were able to catch all four suspects.

According to LVPD Captain Nick Paz, there has been an increase in burglaries in La Verne.

Within the last month there have been four residential burglaries, seven automobile burglaries and 13 car break-ins with property stolen.

La Verne is not the only city being hit. Claremont, San Dimas and Glendora have also seen an increase in crime over all, according to, a website that charts crime, school and real estate statistics.

The La Verne Police Department is working to educate the public to be more aware and to call when there is suspicious activity.

They have made a few arrests and have several suspects, which they are following up on.

Although there is no known cause for the increase of burglaries, the police department has increased the amount of patrol in the areas that have been hit the most.

Paz suggested the community take cautious measures, including locking all cars and homes, not leaving electronics or valuables in plain sight, calling in suspicious activity right away, use an alarm system, if possible, and minimizing the amount of check-ins on Facebook.

“Checking in to Facebook allows people to know when you are not home,” Captain Paz said. “Either minimize the check-ins or don’t do it at all.”

The burglaries have been occurring in the northern part of La Verne and within crowded shopping centers, however the University of La Verne still remains a target.

Stan Skipworth, director of campus safety, assures students that they should feel secure in parking within any of the university parking lots.

Skipworth confirms that within the last few months there have not been any burglaries reported on campus.

“A wide variety of measures are used to maintain a wide variety of safety people know and expect,” Skipworth said. “We will continue to be diligent to help discourage thieves from doing anything.”

The city has also created a new free alert system called NIXLE, which allows residents and non-residents to receive the most up-to-date neighborhood public safety and community information, through text message, directly from the police department.

“This is a great way for (the city) to provide outreach to the community,” said Donna Redman, council member. “The University is part of that community and they should definitely take advantage.”

“We encourage students to subscribe, as well as faculty and staff,” Redman said.

For more information about the alerts contact the La Verne police department at 909-596-1913.

Veronica Sepulveda can be reached at

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