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Fijians embrace TV

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Elsie Ramos
Sports Editor

Professor of Communica­tions Don Pollock kicked off the faculty lecture series on Feb. 4 with “Fiji and the Media.”

Pollock’s lecture focused on his sabbatical, which he spent at the University of the South Pacific researching how far the Fijian media has evolved since the first time he visited the island in 1979.

Pollock said he watched as much Fijian television, listened to Fijian radio and read as many newspapers as he could.

Fiji first gained its independence from England in 1970 and during Pollock’s first visit they did not have television.

The government claimed that it was too new and did not want to bombard the people with other cultures, Pollock said.

The Fijians still craved outside entertainment because they had plenty of movie theatres on the island and wanted to watch rugby.

In 1994 Fiji 1 came on the air, and the Fijians could finally watch rugby.

Currently, 50 percent of the shows that air are in English, 25 percent are in Hindi and 25 percent are in Fijian.

In 2008, MYTV brought major American television shows to Fiji. Their major TV news source comes from the Aljazeera Network.

Pollock also wanted to see how the University of the South Pacific trains its students in broadcast media.

He said there is a three year program to help get the students out working in the real world.

Pollock felt that they had the students do too much in too little time and believes they should expand the program.

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