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Freshmen faced frustration at registration

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Kat Simonelli
Staff Writer

Registration for the spring semester began on Nov. 27, 2012, and caused a lot of stress for some La Verne students according to an informal poll.

Due to the Freshman La Verne Experience program, freshmen said they were a little lost when it came to registering for classes this semester because they previously had an adviser do it for them.

“I think it really sucks that people have so much trouble registering for classes because people come in with a four year plan and then registration doesn’t work out in their favor, and they don’t get to graduate on time,” Brittney Slater-Shew, junior photography major, said.

“The FLEX program was good, but it lacked the basic teaching process that the freshmen needed to understand how to register for classes,” Megan Wammack, freshman psychology major, said.

“No one took the time to show us what we were doing so we had to figure it out on our own,” Wammack said.

“The first 3 semesters I went to student accounts to help me register” Sage Nigh, junior art major, said.

Many of the upperclassmen reported having no trouble at all as they had priority registration, but for the freshmen some chaos ensued.

Figuring out how to register was one thing, but then waiting in anticipation and seeing the class they needed filled up before it was their time to register was torture, some freshmen reported.

“Waiting for the clock to count down to my registration time was nerve wracking and somewhat like a race knowing that classes were filling up,” said Desirie Mejia, freshman undeclared major.

Perla Fuentes, sophomore psychology major, had some trouble registering this year, but a turn of events paid off in her favor.

“I ended up getting on a waiting list for the class I needed so I just showed up on the first day and ended up getting lucky and getting in,” Fuentes said.

The freshman honors students, on the other hand, had it much easier than others.

“Registration was very easy for me because I had priority since I am an honors student, so I could get all of the classes I needed,” Jacob Lopez, freshman biology major, said.

Even though upperclassmen have an easier time getting the classes that they need, there can still be issues that arise once they are registered.

“Honestly, even though it can be frustrating at times, we still have it a lot better than other schools do when it comes down to registration and getting the classes that we need in order to graduate,” said Alyssa Woods, freshman psychology major.

“Due to this being kind of a transition period for the university; in regards to it’s growing size, it can be tough for us students,” David Vorobyov, sophomore biology major, said.

Nigh effectively got the classes she wanted, but once she arrived to her science class, she soon found out that the class was over capacity.

“It’s frustrating because the university is starting to lose the one on one experience that initially draws people to La Verne,” Nigh said.

Some students have different opinions about the way that La Verne’s registration process works.

“I found the process to be very confusing and hard to get used to at first, but once I understood what I was doing it became a little clearer,” said Kalyn Taylor, freshman political science major.

“Registration is just a process of technology, it’s a matter of learning systems and adapting,” said Emmanuel Lagumbay, junior music major.

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