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Swap meet brings antiques and oddities to LV

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Christian Garay
Staff Writer 

Sunday George Cross & Sons Inc. sponsored the annual Pomona Swap Meet and Classic Car Show at the Fairplex.

Holding up to seven events per year, this event contains over 2,500 vendors selling rare car parts and accessories along with a wide variety of other items.

Veteran swap meet vendor Mae Batto has been selling novelty items since 1991.

“I sell anything I can get my hands on,” Batto said.

“One time I sold some bongo drums to the L.A. Zoo for over $1,200.”

Oddities being sold included a huge Texaco sign on sale for $850.

Other vendors sold items like beat up wagons and newborn puppies.

The swap meet also had a variety of different food vendors such as taco stands, burger stands, Hot Dog on a Stick and funnel cake stands.

The car show had hundreds of classic cars including pre 1985 classics, Model Ts, Corvettes, Porsches, pre 1959 Street Rods and even pre 1985 Volkswagens.

“This is probably my fifth time coming to this because my husband and I are huge fans of classic cars,” Pomona resident Linda Vega said.

“We sold our ‘67 Cobra Mustang here a couple years back, best sale I ever made.”

There were more than 20 rows of cars for display and some even marked for sale.

Revving engines of proud owners could be heard from a great distance.

Whether it was a V12 engine in the Corvettes or the V8 supercharged Cobra Mustang, the sound definitely caught the crowd’s attention.

Mark Preston, 63, and his son restored many cars over the years and is familiar with the car show environment.

“I usually just come here for fun, to show what took my son and I four years to make,” Preston said.

The next swap meet will be April 14 at the Fairplex.

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