New schedule still needs tweaking

Students have always dreaded finals week and at the University of La Verne it is no different. Everywhere you turn students are stressing, cramming and procrastinating. The Wilson Library has opened its doors for 24/7 once again and it is finally being used as students wedge themselves in every nook and cranny they can find in order to concentrate on an assignment or contemplate their doomed fate.

This year’s twist to finals week is that, thanks to the Memorial Day holiday, it has caused the dread to spill onto the final week of actual classes. Finals start today, take a three day break for the holiday weekend, then extend through all of next week.

This year, the University’s academic calendar has increased by approximately one week each semester. At this time last year commencement was just a day away, finals were done and over with and professors were busy submitting final grades. This year with the extra week of classes the burnt out feeling usually only radiating off of some students can be felt coming from the entire campus.

This change in schedule was addressed in an awkward way. Extending the semester length allowed professors to break-up longer lessons and cover more material, but because of this shift the year is ending lopsided.

Trying to cater to the holiday has thrown some classes off course, especially those that only meet on Fridays, causing both professors and students to lose a class session equaling out to a week’s worth of information. It robs students of that extra class session that would usually be used as review, or for those students who have missed several classes, a chance to catch up.

Today, students and faculty that would normally come to school for classes on Monday are scattered in classrooms taking their finals. Unless night classes have made other arrangements for their finals, this means classes will be in session to complete finals up until 9:40 p.m. on a Friday night.

On top of the focus on class schedules there is the threat of losing out on the opportunity for work after graduation. All of the other universities in the area have let out for summer already. Those waiting for their chance to start an internship or are waiting on word from a possible job might lose out to students who have already finished their school year.

In the future these things should be looked at more closely and time conflicts with the University will not create an inconvenient schedule.

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