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Nutrition lecture teaches diet to fight cancer

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The Cancer Care Center in Pomona held a presentation about cancer fighting foods and how to take care of your body.

The presentation was held May 9 and given by registered dietian Nancee Renee Perez.

Those in attendance included cancer survivors, newly diagnosed patients and those interested in learning more about helping prevent the disease.

“I developed an early interest in healthy eating and exercise because I suffered from weight problems and it kind of became a habit,” said Perez.

She has previously given a similar presentation at Pomona Valley Hospital. Attendees were given handouts of the presentation so they could follow along.

Perez started by talking about “super fruits” – goji berries and acai berries, whose antioxidants can help prevent many different types of cancers such as stomach and colon cancer. She also talked about foods that increase one’s chances of getting cancer.

“It was really easy to understand the material she was presenting,” said Joanne Martinez, Pomona resident. “I’m really excited to use the information I’ve been given to better myself and my family.”

One of the topics that caused some debate was soy.

Researchers have said that too much soy can be harmful and could cause breast cancer in both men and women, but Perez’s facts differed.

Nanette Jauregui, a former medical nurse and pharmacy technician who was diagnosed with a stage two tumor under her arm, was the first to argue the opposite.

“As soon as I started coming to the classes they gave me what I needed to know about nutrition labels,” said Jauregui. “There are a lot of facts and cancers that do not get out there in the world.”

Perez’s goal was to help people understand that it is easy to take care of themselves without stressing over the little things.

—Christian Garay

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