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La Vogue features on campus fashion trends

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Michael Saakyan
Staff Writer

Wearing your granddad’s clothes may not only make you look incredible but it can also land you on La Verne’s new fashion blog, La Vogue.

Available on Facebook, Instagram and most recently Tumblr, La Vogue captures the different styles on campus and the influence behind students’ outfits.

Founder Alina Rozwa­dowska, a junior international business and Spanish major, got the idea for a fashion blog while looking through a German Vogue magazine.

“I was recently flying from Warsaw to Los Angeles and there was a German Vogue that I was looking through on the plane,” Rozwadowska said. “As I was looking through the pages it occurred to me that La Verne has so much potential and great styles all around campus-why not do something like that with the students?”

Rozwadowska was anxious when starting the blog but after some positive feedback from friends she decided go forward with her idea.

“I wasn’t sure if I should start the blog until I started to speak to a couple of friends who told me to go for it so I started it in September of this year,” Rozwadowska said.

As La Vogue became more popular with students, Rozwadowska decided to expand her blog by receiving help from her friends who gave her the positive feedback to start the blog.

“It takes so much time and work so I asked two other people to help me with managing La Vogue,” Rozwadowska said. “I had to have two other associates, one is Kaitlyn Lopez and the other is Remy Easterling.”

Kaitlyn Lopez, a junior anthropology major, and Remy Easterling, a junior English major, said they were both excited to join Rozwadowska with documenting the different fashion trends on campus.

“Fashion is so much fun and it’s kind of like an escape from reality,” Easterling said. “So far we’ve received a lot of positive feedback for the blog and it’s most likely because it’s a new and fresh idea that has probably never been done before on campus.”

The La Vogue staff roams around campus during different hours of the day with an eye out for unique and exciting attire.

“I go around campus with a camera looking for anyone that looks appealing,” Lopez said. “I look for students who took time out of their day to dress a little more unique and I have invested their time in what they are wearing.”

After a series of photographs have been taken of the fashionable subject an interview is conducted to determine the reason behind what they are wearing.

“We’re mainly interested in finding out the reason behind their fashion choice,” Roz­wadowska said. “What made you decide to dress the way you dressed today? What are your influences? What do you like to do? Lot of people say they like to dress comfortable but often times we get interesting philosophies behind people’s outfits.”

Judging the fashion sense students have is the last thing La Vogue is trying to accomplish. Rozwadowska said she is not interested in doing a fashion blog that criticizes the clothing students wear like some television programs do but to celebrate the different variety of fashion.

La Vogue currently has more than 300 friends on Facebook and 86 followers on Instagram.

La Vogue can be found on Tumblr and Instagram.

Michael Saakyan can be reached at

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