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Michael Saakyan
Staff Writer

Phi Sigma Sigma started its annual 24-hour Rock-a-Thon Wednesday afternoon at Sneaky Park to collect donations for their new philanthropy project: School and College Readiness.

The Rock-a-Thon was organized by Phi Sigma Sigma chairwoman Sydney Marshall.

“This is my first year as an active so it was a lot of pressure to do a really good job organizing this event,” Marshall said. “But it’s been going very well and everyone is really enjoying themselves.”

The 24-hour event had a pie throwing station, a school supply donation box and four bands performing throughout the night.

The school supply donation box was available for attendees to come by and donate supplies for middle schools and high schools in the La Verne area.

“We are collecting … pencils, colored pencils, crayons,” said Celia Moreno, a junior psychology major. “We’re selling food, and this year we have people performing so we have some bands coming.”

Attendees a large variety of food available for purchase such as chips, refreshments, cupcakes and bacon wrapped hot dogs.

To help bring in extra donation money, sorority sisters took turns getting pied in the Pie a Phi station.

“Pie a Phi (helps) to get donations for our philanthropy,” Moreno said. “It’s just an extra way to help bring in donations.”

To keep things rocking Phi Sigma Sigma members planned to actually keep a rocking chair going for 24 hours.

“We take turns (and) the rocking chair must be rocking at all times for the next 24 hours until 2 p.m. tomorrow,” junior psychology major Perla Fuentes said. “Phi Sig members have scheduled hours to (rock).”

During the evening students could be seen rocking out to the music of Grinning Ghosts, Shaman Cults, Attic Empire and an unnamed band which everyone called ‘No Name’ throughout their performance.

The band with no name included sophomore music major Dylan Peruti and sophomore Jose Rojas performing with band member Efren Gonzalez.

“We play a little bit of punk, a little bit of pop and a little bit of jazz,” Peruti said.

Rojas had a better description: “We either play happy music with sad lyrics or sad music with happy lyrics,” Rojas said. “It’s all in the words.”

“I think La Verne needs to open up to the idea that this is a college town and there needs to be music,” Peruti said. “Students need to come out and enjoy (music) like they are right now more often. The next step for La Verne should be to get a music scene going.”

The bands playing was the biggest hit for the Rock-A-Thon, helping the donations reach new highs.

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