Students hunger for fast and healthy dining

Kellie Galentine
Staff Writer

Students want another on campus eatery, and 10 out of 16 students asked in an informal survey think that the University community would benefit from a deli-style sandwich shop.

With Davenport Dining Hall and Barbara’s Place as the only two options for food on campus, people often resort to leaving campus to get food.

By adding another place on campus for everyone to eat, students would save time and money.

“All that we have is basically just burritos for people that don’t have meal plans,” Jacob Lopez, sophomore biology major, said. “We should have sandwiches that aren’t pre-wrapped because they will offer more variety and nutrition.”

The grab-and-go items featured at Barbara’s Place, like the plastic wrapped sandwiches are not always students’ first choice.

“They should have a deli sandwich place for commuters that don’t want to eat the nasty grab and go’s,” Emily Bieker, sophomore photography major, said.

“The grab and go’s have dry bread and the cheese is questionable.”

Students feel like they need somewhere to eat that will be fast, while they are rushing to get lunch in between classes.

“It would be a more efficient way to get more appetizing sandwiches on the go,” Ashlee Meyer, junior psychology major, said.

Most students are constantly busy with classes, jobs and extracurricular activities, making it difficult to eat substantial meals in between.

“With classes back to back it is easier to be able to just order food and take it to go,” David Asbra, sophomore political science major, said.

As for the University’s plans, another on-campus eatery is not out of the question, but possible in the future as discussed by administration at the University’s Town Hall meeting on Oct. 21.

“As unrealistic it is to get another place to eat on campus soon, it definitely should be in the plan,” Joel Sierra, sophomore business major, said.

Health is also a common theme in regard to what students would like in another on campus eatery.

“Eating healthy in college is already a little difficult, and we would hope that our campus would encourage it,” Sierra said.

While all kinds of healthier options are already available, like salads at Davenport and burrito bowls at Barbara’s Place, an additional eatery with options like customized sandwiches would provide a different variety for the health conscious.

“Students are also looking to have a more individualized experience when it comes to ordering so that more food can be made the way a person wants it,” Kathryn Yeager, senior anthropology major, said.

Though a majority of students want a deli sandwich shop, others also had different ideas about what kind of food should be offered on campus.

“Chinese food would be healthy and there is already a lot of Mexican and American food offered, plus it would be faster since it is just served and doesn’t have to be prepared on the spot,” Melissa Pelayo, freshman chemistry major, said.

The University should consider a faster, quality option for food that provides what students are looking for.

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