Too easy to eat free at Davenport

Whenever the University of La Verne offers free food students swoop on it like a flock of seagulls. However, students may not have to anymore once they learn that they can eat for free all the time at Davenport Dining Hall.

All you have to do is have a friend open the back gate in the patio and you are in.

This year more than ever, students and even non-students are sneaking into Davenport and avoiding to pay. There have even been occasions of local high school students eating at Davenport.

This gives students an extra meal a week, and non-students extra money in their pockets.

Consequently, it creates longer lines, bigger crowds, and limited seating for those who do pay or use their meal cards.

Also, if someone were to get sick from the food or injured at Davenport that does not attend the University, it could then turn into a liability issue.

The Davenport employees used to do a better job of regulating who comes in and out of the dining hall. Now, not so much.

No one is asking for Davenport to imitate a night club and have a big, scary bouncer out front.

But one solution would be to hire more staff to better monitor who pays and who does not.

Even just placing a worker at the back patio gate to stop people from sneaking in to eat for free would be sufficient.

Something needs to be done or the majority of people eating at Davenport won’t be University of La Verne students.

The ones who sneak in are making the University buy more food, which in turn affects the students who pay tuition.

Another problem is students who take the plates, bowls and cups from Davenport. This has become a norm at Davenport for many students, forcing the cafeteria to resort to plastic utensils.

In the Vista La Verne trash room there are stacks of cups and plates taken from Davenport, cups and plates that the dining hall does not have.

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