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Tittl braves the waters of theatrical spotlight

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Julian Burrell
Staff Writer

Since his freshman year at the University of La Verne, senior Jacob Tittl has been showcasing his passions on more than one stage for the world to see.

Tittl is a proven diver and has accomplished much during his career at La Verne.

Last year he earned second place in the Southern California Intercol­legiate Athletic Conference one meter diving event and earned fourth place in the three meter competition.

This year his accolades include a win in the one-meter against Concordia.

These victories are bred from a love of the sport that he developed from watching the Olympic divers compete when he was young.

Toward the end of his high school time at Liberty High School in Bakersfield, Tittl looked to leverage his talent in the pool into his choice for colleges.

“Near the end of high school I started realizing that I can get an advantage in college with diving so I started searching for colleges that would be accepting of that,” Tittl said.

His search eventually led him to the University of La Verne.

Tittl has learned much during his diving sessions here, but the biggest, he says, is learning to let go of natural instincts.

“When you’re falling through the air, you have instincts. When you see that you’re about to land on metal, you have instincts as well,” Tittl said.

“You just have to trust that physics and your coach are going to lead you away from the board. I’d say that’s the biggest accomplishment is just trying to let go of what my body naturally wants to do.”

Despite his love for diving, Tittl’s true passion is theater, his major. Since his childhood he desired to participate in the arts and to build an acting career.

“When you’re a kid, everyone always asks you what you want to be when you grow up. I would just say something different every time,” Tittl said. “Eventually I came up with the idea that if I was an actor I could be anything I wanted.”

Tittl’s love for the theater arts has shown as a reflection of his character to those around him and has inspired much respect for him.

“He made an impression right as being someone who was interested,” Sean Dillon, associate professor of theater arts, said. “In the time that I have known him he has grown and evolved a lot as student and a theater worker. He’s deepened his commitment to things and it’s been impressive to see.”

Many of Tittl’s peers have also seen his work ethic and find him to be a credible source of advice and experience.

“Jake gave us underclassmen a really great impression on how you can get involved really quickly,” Jordan Clomp, theater major said. “Last semester he was directing a show and he was performing in four or five other ones as well.”

Tittl plans to make a name for himself on the acting scene once he graduates in Spring.

“I don’t know anything for sure. That’s kind of the scary thing about leaving La Verne, that I’ll have to just go out there and see what happens.” Tittl said.

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