Movie Review: ‘Lego’ constructs an ingenious universe

Kristine Delgadillo
Staff Writer

Warner Bros. has re-invented the meaning of an animated movie with its new film “The Lego Movie,” by capturing the attention of children and adults with innocent, yet satirical comedy, which hit the box office Feb. 9.

The imaginative and colorful world of Legos makes “The Lego Movie” a must-see for all ages.

It will have the audience leaving the theater smiling, inspired, and not to mention humored.

The cast includes stars such as Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Dave Franco, Liam Neeson and Jonah Hill.

This film strays away from the typical, innocent and sometimes shallow story lines of many animated movies that are popular among young audiences today.

This lively movie is spot-on with its computer-generated imagery and innovative animation, as well as the heartwarming and relatable themes.

The witty film appeals to all age groups, as they follow the battle between the ordinary Lego figure Emmet Brickowski and his group of friends as they try to defeat the villain, Lord Business, from taking over all realms of the Lego universe and destroying all forms of creativity.

Emmet, once thought to be the boring and unimaginative minifigure Lego of the bunch, soon finds out he is capable of much more than expected with a little bit of faith and help from friends.

Emmet joins forces with the rebel clan of character Legos, such as Batman, Professor Dumbledore and Gandalf, as they work together to devise a master plan to stop Lord Business from taking over the Lego universe.

The film centers itself around two messages, with the first being encouraging creativity to young children and embracing individuality.

The second message can be caught mostly by the older audience, which is the disproval of capitalism, along with the evil tendencies of power-hungry governments.

“The Lego Movie” displays the latter by featuring brainwashed citizens of each Lego world living by instructions, and carrying out a lifestyle of monotony and boring routines.

The one and only top hit tune of the Lego world is called “Everything is Awesome.”

The movie manages to keep the script kid-friendly, while allowing for wit and sarcasm for the older age groups.

The new technology and animation processing intrigued the audience as well, capturing each scene dramatically with exceptional special effects.

Warner Bros. movie producer Dan Lin at first rejected the brilliant script because there was speculation of it being too similar to the popular science-fiction thriller movie series, “Transformers.”

However, with the formation of a new animation group, the idea of “The Lego Movie” slowly began to materialize.

Everything about this movie, from the catchy tune of “Everything Is Awesome,” the spunky attitude of the minifigure Wyldstyle and the silly antics of the “1980-something space guy,” will create a lighthearted and energetic mood throughout the entire audience.

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