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Residents battle for victory

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Members of the Residence Hall Association this week began the Battle of the Halls, for which students living in each of the four dorms on campus compete with one another in sports and games. The trophy was ultimately awarded to Vista La Verne when competition wrapped up Thursday night.

The idea originated during the RHA summer retreat.

Members were looking for a program to involve all the residence halls.

“Within residence halls it’s easy to get to know people, but not so much from other halls,” Nina Doyle, programming coach, said. “Events like these let residents build connections.”

Doyle said they wanted an inclusive program so all residents could feel comfortable.

Battle of the Halls kicked off with Ultimate Frisbee Monday.

Students cheered as the frisbee was tossed back and forth.

Vista was the first to win the battle.

“I came out to support Brandt,” said Brooke Phillips, freshman business administration major.

I like that the environment has been upbeat and fun,”

On Tuesday, teams competed in a scavenger hunt, followed by a trivia game Wednesday and volleyball tournament Thursday.

Vista dominated the scavenger hunt, followed by Brandt, Oaks and Stu-Han.

Brandt and Oaks were neck and neck during the trivia game but Brandt came through, coming in first.

Vista fell back and came in last, while Stu-Han was not present for this event.

“The event builds community, and RHA puts out events like these so students know housing cares,” said senior broadcast major and Vista Resident Adviser Corey Smee.

Lisa Lester, residence life coordinator, said she hopes Battle of the Halls becomes a tradition.

Alejandra Aguilar

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