Friday-start final schedule is stressful

editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff
editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff

Students will not be saying the “Thank God it’s Friday” today as they walk into their respective classrooms to take, not their last final, but their first.

In an attempt to better utilize classroom space several years ago, the University made class times a little shorter and tacked an extra week onto fall and spring semesters, which means finals week begins today, and continues the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend.

At first glance a student might say “Hey, cool, a three-day weekend,” or “More time to study.”

No normal student wants to study during Memorial Day weekend.

Our friends at many other colleges will be celebrating either finishing their finals or graduating – all before Memorial Day.

Faculty and students might remember a simpler time at ULV when began and ended before Memorial Day and had a regular Monday through Friday schedule. Let’s go back to that.

Many classes that are one day a week and meet on Fridays were cut short due to the finals schedule.

Along with projects due Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday students are also expected to juggle a rigorous study schedule for a final in the same week.

This is not fair. Finals week is already stressful and confusing enough, but to make it begin Friday and resume Tuesday after an extra-long semester is tough on us.

The University loves to show off its students, so how about accommodating us with a finals schedule – and semester schedule – that works better for us. A change to put finals back in a Monday to Friday week would not only help the students, it would also be beneficial to faculty.

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Jacob Bogdanoff

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