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Workshop teaches students to manage stress

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Alejandra Aguilar
Staff Writer

Alina Whitmore and Nicole Kezos, clinical trainees at the Counseling and Psychological Services center, presented the first of a three-part workshop on effective studying techniques Tuesday.

The Counseling and Psychological Services center, or CAPS, sponsored the workshop to prepare students for final exams by teaching them study strategies and techniques.

Whitmore and Kezos began the workshop with student introductions and questions regarding their exams.

Despite the small size, the workshop was interactive.

“I hope the students learn creative ways to manage time, stress and personal care from the workshop,” Whitmore said. “Those are the things that will make them successful.”

Quickly they were able to figure out what type of learner each student at the workshop was.

They presented different strategies such as mock exams and color-coding based on their importance for visual learners. The majority of students at the workshop, it turned out, were visual learners.

They also suggested study partners for kinesthetic learners and stressed the importance of repetition and recommended flashcards.

Whitmore and Kezos reminded students that although studying strategies were important, there was more to be done for success.

They suggested that eating, exercising, sleeping and starting assignments early played key roles in success on final exams. According to Whitmore, exercise and new scenery refreshes the brain.

“This workshop helped me realize what’s helpful and what’s not. It also helps for future classes, not just final exams,” Yelsse Bahena, sophomore and international business major, said.

Whitmore and Kezos said the strategies they presented are the ones they use for themselves, because they are students as well and understand the stress that comes with managing school, assignments and social life.

“With finals, it’s a hectic time. I hope the workshop helped the students relieve stress and gave them some structure,” Kezos said.

Whitmore emphasized that if students were still stressed after the workshop, undergraduates can visit CAPS for free.

During the next session, Whitmore and Kezos will have PowerPoint presentations, videos and will have the students practice the strategies and techniques.

The next workshops will take place Tuesday and May 20 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. each day in LaFetra Lecture Hall.

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