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Russell R. Silva
Staff Writer

Local breweries are delivering big flavors to La Verne, San Dimas and Claremont residents, enticing community members to come back for more of their favorite ales.

The La Verne Brewing Company, located on Wright Avenue, has six brews: pineapple blonde, holiday amber, India pale ale, oatmeal stout, polomares and Lordsburg.

A small brewery, it’s got quite a community clientele.

Recently customers lined the bar to taste flights including the B Street Pineapple Blonde Ale. This fruity beer has a tangy edge and leaves a refreshing taste setting the tone for a fun night out on the town.

“Our demographic of La Verne is ages 21 to 70 and everyone in between,” company brewer Michael Kress said.

The La Verne Brewing Company brews 800 to 1,000 gallons of beer per month. Each batch takes seven to nine hours to complete. Timing for the brewery’s fermentation takes 10 days to five weeks.

This small brewery has a smiling staff quick to welcome newcomers as part of the family.

The brewery will release a new honey bourbon beer in the next few weeks for customers.

Two other local brewers can be found within five miles of the first, including the Clayton Brewing Company in San Dimas and Claremont Craft Ales.

Clayton Brewing Company, on Arrow Highway in San Dimas, gives micro brew enthusiasts another option.

The four-year old company has friendly bartenders and staff, offing five beers on tap made by the company: blonde, wheat, pale, amber and Indian pale ale. The beers give an essence of bold flavor.

This location is a quiet place to bring the family for a nice dinner. With plasma flat screens and games, Clayton Brewing Company offers food and entertainment.

“I look for something that gives me a reason to keep returning for more, and all the breweries around here are good because they have quality,” said Fontana resident Daniel Quinintar said.

Quintinar and some friends were on a brewery bike ride, and biked to the local suppliers. They ended their trip at the Claremont Craft Ales.

“(Claremont Craft Ales) gives a wide variety of beers I can choose from,” Quintinar said.

One flight of beers cost about $12 after tax and includes six four-once beers.

With more than 12 beers on tap, Claremont Craft Ales’ “Double Dude” IPA is semi-sweet with a citrus and airy taste, and contains an 8.5 alcohol body volume percent.

“I love finding a beer with overall body and quality that leaves a nice after taste,” said Upland bistro manger Henrey Arenas.

The Claremont brewery sometimes has food trucks parked outside. The garage doors open to connect outside food vendors with the brewery giving a metro vibe to the place.

“I like how this place has beers that are crisp with drinkability,” Pomona resident Ranay Gajai said.

He recommended “Willow,” a light beer with a smooth taste.

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