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LVTV brings ‘spooktacular’ fun

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Liz Ortiz
Metro Editor

Mayor Don Kendrick, City Council Member Charlie Rosales, University President Devorah Lieberman and children dressed in their Halloween best appeared on LVTV’s live broadcast of the sixth annual Halloween Spooktacular Friday.

Seniors Tanya Velazquez and Tyler Harrison hosted the broadcast, entertained the audience with Halloween-themed jokes and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters.

“My favorite thing about hosting for the second time was seeing how much the event has grown since last year,” Harrison said. “There were a lot of ULV students who dropped by and a lot of adults as well as children.”

Children and their families lined up along Mainiero Square and waited to appear on LVTV. Once on screen, children told Harrison and Velazquez scary stories and Halloween jokes.

Harrison and Velazquez as well as LVTV’s crew dressed up for the event. Harrison dressed as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” and Velazquez dressed as Luigi from “Super Mario Bros.”

The show was unscripted, so Harrison and Velazquez had to improvise during the two-hour broadcast. They did however have cue cards and jokes written on poster boards they could read while on camera.

During the Spooktacular broadcast, the La Verne community also hosted Merchants Safe Trick-or-Treating for children in Downtown La Verne. More than 15 businesses along D Street participated in the event including House of Wings, Roberta’s Village Inn, Pappa’s Artisanal and Lordsburg Taphouse & Grill.

“These are the kinds of activities that bring the community together,” said Charlie Rosales, La Verne City Council member. “I mean look at all these kids having a great time with their family. That’s what La Verne’s really all about.”

Children laughed and shrieked with joy as they collected candy from the La Verne businesses.

“I love seeing the smiling faces of every child here,” said Mona Shumate, a waitress at Roberta’s Village Inn. “It’s also very safe here for children. Parents don’t have to worry about checking the candy.”

The most popular costume choices in La Verne this year were Anna and Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen,” Maleficent from Disney’s “Maleficent” and a variety of superheroes.

La Verne also hosted a school district wide Halloween coloring contest. The winners’ pictures were displayed in the window of the Roots Old Town Hair Salon on D Street and their names were revealed during the television broadcast.

Mainiero Square was decorated with orange lights, spider webs and a giant inflatable spider and created a Halloween ambiance for the event.

“Seeing other people from the neighborhood is great,” La Verne resident Dayla Orcutt said. “I grew up in La Verne, so seeing people from my childhood, who now have families of their own, is special to me.”

The show was cablecast during Halloween weekend and will air again in November on LVTV-3, available on Time Warner Cable and Verizon Fios.

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