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Mold found in Bonita Building

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A small mold infestation in the Bonita building that forced members of the human resources department to relocate is slated to be dealt with in the next two weeks.

The mold was found while the University conducted an indoor air quality test. It was discovered on one side and one section of the Bonita Building.

“The way we test mold is by testing the outside first,” Clive Houston-Brown, vice president of facilities and technology, said. “There is mold everywhere, but if the numbers are elevated inside, there is a problem.”

Houston-Brown said the mold is so minimal there are still people in the building, just not where the mold is.

“We just want to make sure we are proactive and ahead of the curve so we moved people out,” Robert Beebe, senior director of physical plant operations and services, said.

The mold infestation is contained to a 20 to 30 square foot radius, and is a one or two on a ten point scale Beebe said.

Beebe said they have approval from an industrial hygienist and are installing new alarms.

The Human Resources department was moved into the Bonita Building after there was a fire in the Park Campus building. Park Campus has since re-opened and people were moved in the week before the Thanksgiving break.

The infestation is set to be handled Dec. 13 and should only take no more than a day to eliminate, Beebe said.

—Alejandra Aguilar

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