Clubs welcome the new semester

Lauren Crumbaker
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Campus club representatives and students gathered for the spring club fair in the South Quad on Feb. 4 to welcome the start of a new semester.

“Welcome to the Jungle” was the theme of club fair, going off of Campus Activities Board’s theme for the welcome back week.

Students started many new clubs for the new semester, including Thirst Club and Leo Nation.

Thirst Club is dedicated to bringing awareness to the water crisis in many countries around the world. The club is fundraising money to provide clean water to help people lacking access to clean water and sanitation.

Another new club, Leo Nation, was formed in hopes of raising attendance and school spirit at sporting events by making the games more interactive and fun on the sidelines. The group hopes to gain more support for athletics on campus.

“There is few student support,” said Jan Pfennings, football representative for Leo Nation. “We are trying to get students to go to at least one game, then eventually to all the game.”

One growing club devoted to helping students to feel like they have a place of belonging is the Transfer Club.

“I know what it is like to be thrown into the middle,” said Aubri Huang, vice president of the Transfer Club. “Our motto is a place to start and a place to branch out.”

This club helps transfers easily transition into the University by hosting meetings and offering a mentor program.

Transfer students are given the opportunity to network and build bonds with students that have previously transferred to the University.

Lunch was catered outside by Bon Appétit. The first 200 commuter students who came to the event received free lunch, which included salad, pasta and chicken.

LeoFM came to the event and provided the entertainment by playing all of the “pawpular” hits.

CAB also had various games and gave out prizes to the winners.

Students took advantage of the club fair as a chance to learn more about what the clubs have to showcase and the different opportunities they offer.

“There are a lot of clubs that I was unaware of their existence,” Rachel Stewart, freshman business administration major, said.

“It was nice to have attention brought to them,” she said.

CAB and ASULV handed out free tote bags with the phrase “totes magotes” and they also educated students about school issues.

One of the common goals of the clubs for this semester is to encourage students to be more involved and to make more of a presence on campus through the club events.

With 20 new and many more clubs being added, the main mission of Stephanie Mendoza, club coordinator, is for clubs to better represent themselves.

“Make sure to go to clubs events throughout the semester,” Mendoza said.

Not many students know that if they cannot find a club that interests them, they can create their own. Mendoza wants students to not be afraid to start a club.

For more information about starting a new club or about an existing club, contact the Office of Student Life at 909-448-4485.

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Lauren Crumbaker
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