Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The bylaw change the Campus Times reported on actually requires one semester of ASULV experience for an individual running for president – not executive vice president (“Bylaw excludes potential leaders,” April 10). The bylaw was amended following discussion in which the Senate addressed some of the concerns the Times has brought up in the past, including the issue of how elections can be perceived as “popularity game,” the necessity of ASULV to hold the candidates who seek the office of the president to a “high standard,” and the need for candidates to actually “address issues.” This bylaw change ensures a more rigorous election process in which candidates are held responsible for their previous role as a member of ASULV – they now have a real record to run on.

It is not uncommon for the media to challenge, criticize, and critique the actions of governments and for the work the Times does, I am grateful. I do wish, however, they would take their role on campus more seriously and actually contribute to the election and democratic process. News outlets like Politico, CNN and the Associated Press conduct polls on the issues people care most about during the election season, and then pose questions to the candidates that require them to take a position. Why doesn’t the Times do something of that nature? Additionally, media outlets take it upon themselves to advertise elections, endorse candidates, and raise awareness of issues and candidates; it would benefit the campus if the Times took up such traditional roles. A good place to start to gain a better understanding of what ASULV does – and why – might be to actually attend a weekly ASULV meeting (which the Times currently doesn’t make a priority). And if that does not work, perhaps it’s time the campus community reexamine the reason why we allow Campus Times to have a monopoly on the news which, contrary to what they state, is not always fair, balanced or accurate.

So thank you, Campus Times, for beginning to prioritize news above story. I appreciate your service to the campus and I look forward to seeing your organization grow. Please be sure to announce when positions open for editor in chief – I’m sure Leos will be interested in a leadership opportunity with the Times. It’s not like one needs to have a semester experience as a staff writer to even apply for an Editor position—right?

Anthony Reyes
ASULV Vice President of Finance

Anthony Reyes

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