Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am writing a response to Anthony Reyes’ letter to the editor published last week (April 17), as this is not the first time a reader accuses a Campus Times editorial of being biased. On the record, I want to explain that an editorial is an opinion piece written by the editorial board, hence its anonymity. If an editorial sounds opinionated then it is doing its job.

In his letter, Reyes also wrote that if the Campus Times wants ASULV presidential elections to be open to all students, then it should follow by example and open editor positions to all. He writes: “It’s not like one needs to have a semester experience as a staff writer to even apply for an Editor position – right?” Actually, you do. The Campus Times is not a club – it is a class open to anybody pursuing a major/minor in the field of communications. In the application process you actually have to show journalism experience. As a former editor in chief, I find his request insulting to the hard work editors put forward to prove they are capable to edit and guide new reporters.

Although I have no formal opinion on the new ASULV bylaw regarding presidential candidates, I would like to point out that in America, voters have the option to write in a candidate for presidential elections. This right enables voters’ voice to be heard regardless of how powerful or popular their candidate is. The write-ins do not necessarily have experience in government or politics.

My hope is that students have a write-in option for elections instead of being forced to only vote for students on the ballot. The thought of running unopposed for anything is ridiculous to me. Reyes wrote that he would want the Campus Times to “take their role on campus more seriously and actually contribute to the election and democratic process.” This cannot be done without the support from ASULV advisers willing to extend the running period and give the Campus Times an opportunity to host debates and have enough time to make the political polls that Reyes suggests. In the “real world,” as he puts it, gathering similar type of data takes weeks. At the end, one week is not enough for any democratic process.

Mariela Patron
Class of 2015

Dear Editor,

I heard that on Friday, April 24, the University of La Verne will show its support of the Centennial commemoration of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 by painting the Rock to honor the remembrance of the 1.5 million Armenians who were persecuted in the hands of the Ottoman Turkish government. Although I am unable to be present to participate in this wonderful gesture of solidarity with the Armenians due to prior commitments, I commend the University for taking such a step.

Nearly 40 years ago, under the presidency of Dr. Armen Sarafian, I and 25 other young students of Armenian descent were admitted to the University of La Verne (La Verne College) to further our education while our homes in the Middle East were in turmoil (some probably still are!). During the late ‘70s through mid-’80s, ULV continued to see an even larger influx of students of Armenian ethnicity. We have all graduated from ULV and moved on in our lives, and I know I speak for the majority when I say that our experiences at ULV and the education we received were extremely valuable to the development of our lives in California and wherever else we might have scattered in the U.S.

On a personal note, I always enjoyed reading the messages on that iconic boulder/rock. Many times a message was painted that gave me a chuckle. Other times it was great pride when a victory was announced. In a way, the tradition of painting the rock brought pride to the group responsible and stirred curious competition in others. The University has evolved, but what makes it unique is the respect for small traditions that become landmarks.

Silva Barsoum Katchiguian
Class of 1978, 1982
President of the Armenian International Women’s Association

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