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Students take a chance at directing

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Kayla Hockman
Staff Writer

The theater department hosted five student directed plays Thursday and Friday in the Jane Dibbell Cabaret Theater. The short plays were the final product of the six-student spring directing class.

The class gave six students six weeks to prepare, cast and direct a short, 25-minute one-act production.

Auditions for the shows were open to the community and University students.

“It was really intimidating directing because you have to take direction and know exactly what you’re doing and why,” senior theater major Victoria Wyatt said.

“It’s challenging directing your peers because it’s challenging to get your peers to see you as an authority figure and take directing, being the same age as them.”

The first night began with “Bondage” written by Chinese-American playwright David Henry Hwang and directed by Wyatt.

The racy play featured sophomore theater major Jessie Bias and sophomore theater major Steven Forns. Bias, dressed in lingerie and a mask, plays a dominant woman at an S&M parlor in Los Angeles. Bias, along with Forns, dressed in suit and tie with mask, role-played a multiracial fantasy.

“I never was going to be fully satisfied with the outcome because of the resources and time we had. It was never going to be enough to make it exactly how I saw it in my head,” Wyatt said. “Everything came out in the end and it was okay.”

The sexual play deals with issues of race and racial stereotypes. Wyatt’s show demonstrated an erotic theme with the use of sex toys and lingerie.

“The Spotted Man” written by American playwright Walter Wykes was directed by senior theater major Destiny Guillory.

The humorous play caused the audience erupted in immense laughter. It is about a man covered in spots trying to receive treatment and was highlighted by sophomore theatre major Audie Munoz’s flamboyance, playing numerous crazy characters throughout the plot.

“Destiny pushed me out of my comfort zone. She had me do all of these crazy things like wearing a dress and a wig,” Munoz said.

“That was nerve racking for a little bit, but I got over it.”

The short play also featured junior theater major Alex Freitas and theater alumna Maryanne Householder. Both actors completed the entertaining play, ending with Freitas’ character murdering Munoz and Householder.

The night concluded with “A Matter of Husbands,” written by Hungarian playwright Ferenc Molnár and directed by sophomore theater major Makenna Zambrano.

The play depicts the story of a married woman, played by junior creative writing major Jackie Pimental, who discovers her husband, played by Freitas, is cheating on her with another woman, played by Bias. The mistress convinces the woman that his cheating is only a sign of desiring more affection from his wife.

“It was a lot of fun because your directors are also your peers,” Bias said. “It’s fun collaborating with them and watching them grow as directors with the pieces they pick.”

Audience members thought Zambrano’s production was easy to follow due to Bias’ acting skills and the cast members.

“It was a lot of fun; I enjoyed the atmosphere in all three plays,” said junior psychology major Teresa Crum.

“I think everyone did a good job directing and all the actors were phenomenal.”

The second night included shows “Like Dreaming Backwards” by playwright Kellie Powell, directed by Marc Okimura and“The Questioning of Nick” by playwright Arthur Kopit, directed by Cody Goss.

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  1. Maryanne April 28, 2015 at 6:00 pm #

    Do you have any pictures from the recent directing projects?