Sustainable efforts reflect values

editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff and Des Delgadillo
editorial cartoon by Jacob Bogdanoff and Des Delgadillo

Soakfest is a signature event that the Campus Activities Board puts on each spring.

Giant blow up water slides and activities are erected on the South Quad, powered by hoses that provide slippery fun for students. Running around across the grass in bathing suits splashing each other with water, students always have a good time at Soakfest.

Only this year, on May 13, it will be different.

CAB has done an excellent job of adapting to the severe California drought by moving Soakfest to the aquatics center at Las Flores Park.

Instead of having water constantly running throughout the course of the event, Soakfest’s new location at a pool will ensure that CAB can still host its signature event while using a space that already has water.

The University of La Verne prides itself in its sustainable efforts. The Sustainable Campus Consortium, made up of multiple representatives across campus, works to promote the University’s mission of protecting the environment through environmentally-sound practices and activities.

In 2013 the University adopted the Billion Dollar Green Challenge, which uses a “green revolving fund” to constantly finance green projects on campus.

The current drought is a primary concern among California residents — there is only about a year’s worth of water left in California’s reservoirs.

In early April, for the first time in California’s history, Gov. Jerry Brown implemented mandatory water restrictions that require cities to decrease water use by 25 percent.

In light of the drought it is great to see La Verne’s student leaders making decisions that are environmentally conscious and in line with the University’s values and mission.

Along with Soakfest, CAB and the Associated Students of the University of La Verne both have demonstrated a joint commitment to making environmentally friendly choices.

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