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With the outpouring of support for Muslims on social media, you would think that the overall anti-Muslim sentiment would not be as harsh, but hate crimes have already begun to dominate local media reports in North America and Europe in wake of the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris.

Stand Up To Racism organizer Sabby Dhalu said, “Too often the response to such attacks is to hold responsible and scapegoat all Muslims.”

We forget the old cliché, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” In this case we are judging millions of people by the color of their skin or what they chose to wear, or worst of all, what they choose to believe in.

ISIS is a terrorist organization; it seeks to instill terror in the hearts and minds of people globally.

It has explicitly stated that its goal is to make extinct what it calls the “gray zone,” which is basically anyone who calls themselves Muslim but refuses to join their efforts.

The widespread Islamophobia that has grown since the attacks on 9/11 has only contributed to helping ISIS achieve its goal.

Since the attacks in Paris, there has been discussion of closing borders to Syrian refugees. While that may keep ISIS members out, it harms the men, women and children who are fleeing for their own safety.

Most refugees are fleeing ISIS and the bloodshed that they are inflicting, they are not trying to cause more pain and suffering.

Ethnic and religious minorities are here to stay. A failure to realize that fact will only lead only to more bloodshed.

Those terrorists who plotted, organized and executed the attacks on Paris, Beirut and Baghdad this past week merely represent a twisted, extremist version of their faith.

They represent a minority, they do not represent the Muslim population as a whole.

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