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Alexandra de Leon
Staff Writer

When it comes to careers and striving to get a job, the University of La Verne’s Career Services Drive-Thru helps students improve their resume, or cover letter or prepare for interviews all in under 20 minutes.

Career Services Drive-Thru is a program for undergraduate and graduate students that provide a quick advising session for job-related questions.

No appointments are necessary.

Assistant Dean of Career Services and Employer Relations Mindy Baggish said she wants students to know the counselors reserve a day solely for them.

“We don’t want anybody believing that they cannot get help if they do not have an appointment because this is every week,” Baggish said.

The Drive-Thru started about four years ago as the need for help with cover letters, resumes, personal statements, or even major exploration was an issue.

The quick sessions of the Drive-Thru were meant to answer any questions students had without the hassle of booking an appointment with counselors.

University of La Verne alumna Cindy Vallejo still visits Career Services for help with grad school and career-related questions.

“I work full time, and knowing there were going to be career services adviser services available throughout the majority of the day was helpful,” Vallejo says.

“Making Drive-Thru weekly took a lot off our calendars and made us accept more students,” Associate Director of Career Services Jennifer Mojarro said.

The counselors at the Academic Success Center have seen a great need with students over the past couple of years, and refused to turn them away.

“I recommend this for any student especially if they have no idea where they want to go after graduation,” said junior business administration major Mariano Padilla.

The Drive-Thru is offered every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“We want to be a friendly place for students to seek out some help and ask some questions, and Drive-Thru is the ideal place to do that,” Mojarro says.

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