Shop reinvents Black Friday

Taylor Bolanos
Staff Writer

Family bonds are the core of business at Micky’s Jewelry Studio in La Verne. Owner Micky Rehm and her children, Sarah and Jon Rehm, run the store together and hosted a charity event Dec. 27 for the David and Margaret Youth and Family Services.

“Give Back Friday” featured a large trunk filled with sand and hundreds of small gemstones.

For $10, anyone could use a hand shovel and sieve to dig for a stone.

One lucky individual would possibly find a one carat diamond. If someone came up empty in their search, they could pull a packaged stone from a bag. Everyone left a winner, and all proceeds went to the charity.

“I kind of hate Black Friday,” Micky Rehm said. “We decided to do it and give back to the community. (During) Thanksgiving, everyone is around family, and I feel like it’s the perfect time to give back.”

As a member of the La Verne Chamber of Commerce, Rehm became close with chamber executives, including Arun Tolia, the chairman of the board for the Chamber of Commerce and president of the board for the David and Margaret Youth and Family Services.

The locally based charity, David and Margaret Youth and Family Services, cares for young girls and provides services for adoption and foster care as well as rehabilitation services.

The Rehm family has supported it since the store first opened seven years ago.

Jon Rehm, jeweler of the studio, supported the charity since he started working at the studio when it opened.

“The staff is very nice, very accommodating,” Jon Rehm said. “All the girls seem happy for what kind of situation they’re in.”

The Rehms said the foundation is currently working to build apartments for the girls who come of age.

“(The event has) been a lot of fun,” Jon Rehm said. “There’ve been a lot people coming in.”

Within 20 minutes, nearly 15 people visited the store and participated in the event.

Each La Verne family who enjoyed the gemstone dig gained an educational and bonding experience.

Young children dug through the sand with their parents and learned about the gem they found. People were excited to find their discoveries.

“We’ve had several repeats where they left and came back with more people and more money,” Sarah Rehm said.

Sarah Rehm said she enjoys working with her brother and mother and assisting with this event for a great organization.

“It helps out the community a lot,” Sarah Rehm said. “It’s for younger girls that are kind of troubled.”

While the one carat diamond was not found in the dig, participants had a chance to win a $500 gift card later in the evening. Chrissy Boland was the night’s winner.

Micky’s Jewelry Studio’s next event, “The 12 Days of Christmas” will be a scavenger hunt where people can find hidden certificates from Dec 13 – 24 and redeem for presents.

Information about the scavenger hunt is on the Facebook page Micky’s Jewelry Studio. More information about the David and Margaret Youth and Family Services can be found at

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