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Students plan for week of spring adventures

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Taylor Bolanos
LV Life Editor

Spring break, a time when students begin to itch for summer, has finally arrived to La Verne.

For one short week, students are free from the stress of meeting deadlines and can escape the quiet city of La Verne in exchange for a miniature vacation filled with adventures.

This season, students are hoping to spend spring break in the comfort of their hometown with their friends and families.

Freshman kinesiology major Eduardo Barrera looks forward to a week in San Francisco. Between working, relaxing and spending quiet days with his mom and brother, Barrera plans to orient his week around his family.

“My family is the number one thing in my life,” he said. “(I will) play video games with my little brother, cook for my mom, have a nice dinner just the three of us, watch a movie on Netflix.”

Barrera will not be the only student appreciating his family’s company.

Freshman business administration major Lior Ben-Hamo has an exciting week planned enjoying the sun with his parents and two brothers during a yearly family tradition.

“We get an RV and go to Lake Havasu,” Ben-Hamo said. “We have a boat and a jet ski. (At night, we) eat, barbeque, bonfire and talk.”

Ben-Hamo hopes to go to Bora Bora for Spring break in the future.

Senior biology major Laura Sahawneh also looks forward to a week away from campus to catch up with her family.

“(I plan to) drive out to Phoenix to visit my brother and my family,” Sahawneh said.

Sahawneh plans to play with her younger family members during the day and spend the evenings with her brother.

“(My brother and I will) hit up Mill Street where there’s a bunch of restaurants and bars and dancing, and we’ll go out with his friends,” Sahawneh said. “It’s always different. We’ll go see shows. We’ll go see events in the city, go hiking.”

For Sahawneh, spring break with family will be a welcomed escape from school.

“It’s something I really enjoy, just to get out of (La Verne) and hang out with family, not stay here and stress out,” Sahawneh said.

After kicking off his spring break with Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Neon Party, senior physics major Adam Cusic plans to balance work with afternoons at the beach or by his pool.

“(My friends and I) are trying to camp at the beach in San Clemente, enjoy the good weather, hopefully,” Cusic said. “I just want to go somewhere where we can all be together. Somewhere with my friends that’s beautiful, preferably by the water.”

While Cusic is scheduled to work during weekends, he is not deterred and looks forward to a relaxing week.

Freshman business major Rosie Martinez hopes to go camping in the Mojave Desert with her entire family for the week.

“We probably go three, four times a year,” Martinez said. “We’ve been doing that probably 12, 13 years.”

Martinez and her family bond over bonfires during the cold nights and ride quads during the warm days that are just beginning to turn into summer.

“There’s a really big dune where they do races, that happens at night,” Martinez said. “We’ll sit on the back of the truck and watch the races.”

Freshman business administration major Stephan Friedland kept his plans limited for this week of freedom. From theme parks, the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and Sky Zone Friedland hopes for spontaneity.

“I want to be near water,” Friedland said. “There needs to be good food. I want it to be tank top weather every day. (I’m going to) play it by ear.”

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