Album Review: Beyoncé serves artistic ‘Lemonade’

Zachary Rodriguez
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“Lemonade” is not only known as just a sour and sweet drink, but is now associated with a form of inspiration, power and emotions that Beyoncé released to the world Saturday on HBO with no warning.

This is not the first time Beyoncé released an unexpected album. She overwhelmed iTunes in 2013 with her first unforeseen album, “Beyoncé,” with no marketing or prior announcements at all.

The one time showing of Beyoncé’s visual album for “Lemonade” premiered on HBO and was free to watch online for one day only. The visual aspect of the album was an hour-long introduction to 12 of her 13 new songs.

Beyoncé proves she never stops growing as an artist as every song integrates several forms of art including film and fashion.

In addition to her growth in her artistic abilities, the theme of unpredictability continues as she integrates new sounds in her songs. She collaborates with various artists such as White Stripes front man Jack White, rapper Kendrick Lamar, folk rock artist Father John Misty, R&B singer The Weeknd, Vampire Weekend front man Ezra Koenig and electronic artist Diplo.

She had no limits in expressing her feelings to viewers as each song represents significant moments people often endure in their lives. Topics such as infidelity, love, passion and hope were explored in “Lemonade.”

The R&B/pop singer carefully chose five titles to accompany her visual album: Denial, Isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance, which are the five stages of grief.

The first part of Isolation and Denial in her song, “Pray You Catch Me,” can easily make one speculate if the powerful song is aimed at her husband and rapper Jay-Z. With lyrics such as, “You can taste the dishonesty,” many fans have taken to social media to express theories on the status of the couple’s relationship.

Moving onto Anger, you see a completely different side of Beyoncé upon finding out he cheated on her. In the video she is walking in a city, breaking windows on cars and destroying anything in her path with a bat or a monster truck.

The stand out song in “Lemonade” is “Don’t Hurt Yourself.” A part of Anger’s chapter, the song clearly showcased frustration and resentment in the lyrics. The lines that made the song so powerful with a dynamic impact were, “You know I give you life/If you try this sh-t again (you gon’ lose your wife.”)

For the Depression chapter of the visual album, Beyoncé collaborated with electronic music producer James Blake for her song, “Forward.”

“Lemonade” concludes with the final chapter of the five stages of grief; Acceptance. With a more powerful and progressive message, she lets loose and shows that nothing will ever stop her from being happy, and she would not let any man get in her way of being happy as she moves on with her life.

Beyoncé has yet again surprised the world with a release of music in a unorthodox way but with the same beautiful and deeper meaning in every line of her music.

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