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Video focuses on the fight against sexual assault

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Zachary Rodriguez
Staff Writer

The It’s on Us campaign, hosted by Alyssa Navarro for her public relations senior project, brought awareness about sexual assault to the University of La Verne Monday in the Campus Center ballroom.

Navarro partnered with Project Sister Family Services, an agency dedicated to providing services to survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

“I went with the It’s on Us campaign because it has everything that I was looking for and project sister goes hand in hand to bring awareness to sexual assault,” Navarro said.

The event started off with students signing the pledge against sexual assault and then moved to an icebreaker formatted like a speed dating event.

Students partnered up and talked about different topics, ranging from light topics like favorite movies to more serious topics like how alcohol plays a large role in sexual assault.

Outreach services coordinator from Project Sister Family Services Christina Jimenez spoke to the audience, answering questions they may have about serious topics.

Students like senior psychology major Nina Doyle enjoyed the communication during the event because she felt it helped bring everyone together during such a serious time.

“It was really good to have a group sync together, be able to ask questions, get them answered and to have a better understanding of what to do on our campus,” Doyle said.

“I felt that the topic of sexual assault is something that is extremely prevalent and it is extremely important to educate people on the topic.”

Jimenez spoke about how Project Sister Family Services has many services for survivors of sexual assault.

She also spoke about how the agency is branching out by educating children as young as preschool age and continue the education to college students.

Some of the things include teaching them how to behave and how to report any act that might be sexual assault.

“When we go to preschools and to high schools we not only teach the students, but we teach the parents to help them teach and educate their children at home and how to go about it,” Jimenez said.

She expressed how educating people will stop them from being a bystander and they will hopefully step forward when they see something happening that seems suspicious.

Navarro also published a video on the campaign’s Facebook, showing ULV students standing up against sexual assault.

The video begins with Alexis Coria, Associated Students of University of La Verne president for the year 2016-2017, and switches to various students who make the point that sexual assault can be stopped by the students taking it upon themselves.

By going online and taking the pledge on is the first step in the direction of stopping sexual assault.

“They are not alone and we are here to help them and it is absolutely not their fault,” Jimenez said.

Navarro said the campaign was created to show that victims are not alone and that the University should stand together to stop sexual assault.

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