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It takes two to make lemonade

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Beyoncé took the lemons that her husband Jay-Z handed her when he cheated and she made “Lemonade,” a 12-chapter, 56-minute visual album highlighting her husband’s alleged infidelity.

Despite Beyoncé’s new album being wildly successful, her fans have gone rogue, verbally attacking the woman Beyoncé names in her songs, “Becky with the good hair” as the “other woman” in her marriage.

“Becky” is believed to be Rachel Roy, a fashion designer, and the woman who allegedly had the affair with Jay-Z back in 2014. Roy has been the center of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s controversy since Solange Knowles, physically attacked Jay-Z in an elevator at the 2014 Met Gala, for stealing her sister’s man.

Roy is now facing the wrath of thousands of Beyoncé fans, or as they call themselves, the “Beyhive.” Comments from the group on Roy’s photos include, “You are a waste of space,” and “You nasty cheap hoe.”

While we are not condoning holding a relationship with a person who is already married, Beyoncé’s loyal fans should actually be angry with the person who betrayed Beyoncé’s trust. Jay Z said his vows to Beyoncé, Roy did not, and although Roy is also in the wrong, this mentality lets Jay-Z off the hook for a serious wrong doing.

We see this issue outside of the world of celebrities, as well. Too often are the men or women who misuse their partner’s trust overlooked, only for the “other woman” to get most of the hatred and backlash.

Usually, women are afraid to blame men for cheating on them, believing that it was some fault of their own. This way of looking at relationships creates an internalized misogyny, where the man is rarely to blame.

While Roy is being constantly harassed and facing death threats, Jay-Z was forgiven by Beyoncé and is not being swarmed by the Beyhive the way Roy is.

Fans are angry that Roy “put herself out there,” to steal their beloved singer’s man, but why not be angry at the man who chose to accept someone who was not his wife?

In addition, the Beyhive has a mob mentality, posting death threats on Rachel Ray’s Instagram photos, who is a famous chef, and in no way related to Beyoncé. This incidence shows that Beyoncé’s fans are so loyal that they do not even take rational steps before flying in to defend their Queen Bee.

Posting hateful and degrading messages is never a good way to defend someone you are fond of, especially when the woman is not proven to be “Becky with the good hair.”

Fans need to take a step back from being Beyoncé’s body guards and let her take control of the situation, and society as a whole needs to start blaming the cheaters instead of the “other women,” because they are truly at fault.

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