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Bloggers offer insiders’ insight on La Verne life

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Sharon Lau
Staff Writer

Now in its sixth year, the student blogging program for the Office of Admissions is going strong – with a host of bloggers getting the message out student-to-prospective student.

Student bloggers are required to blog once a week and have monthly meetings to brainstorm ideas with Kyle Cazares, an admission counselor who oversees the blogs and other social media platforms for the department.

“I started blogging because it was a neat idea to share my college experience,” said Krista Perrin, junior anthropology major, who has been blogging for the admissions office since freshman year.

Cazares said the blog gives prospective students “a casual look at The University.”

Perrin said that the student blog posts talk about a variety of things from how they like classes, to getting to concerts in downtown Los Angeles.

The blogs are somewhat “open-ended” she said, adding that bloggers on behalf of the admissions department are expected to put the University in a good light.

“The more I write the more I open up,” Perrin said.

“Now I can’t imagine not doing this. When I first joined, all the other bloggers were communication majors and I was the only anthropology major, so I felt out of place. But I made it an awesome space to talk about anything and everything.”

Student bloggers are chosen based on their level of involvement in campus activities, and to some degree on their uniqueness.

Diversity among them is also a consideration, they said.

Junior journalism major Brooke Grasso is currently blogging from England, where she is studying at the University of Gloucestershire documenting her travels and her study-abroad experience.

“I love talking to prospective students about why I enjoy La Verne, and I also love blogging, so combining the two is perfect for me,” Grasso said in a recent emailed interview.

“The blogs give prospective students a glimpse of how great La Verne life is, and all of the opportunities they would have when they come here,” she said.

“As a student, I know that hearing about student life from someone who is in your shoes is much more effective than hearing it from a counselor or professor,” said Grasso.

Perrin added that she hopes to get more “traffic” to the student blogs with the pending updates to the University website.

Until the update happens, she said “there still needs to be constant advertising during club fairs and orientations.”

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