Center is important step for ULV

A new Multicultural Center has arrived as the result of the University of La Verne’s continued efforts to build upon its 2020 Strategic Vision. Once just cubicle as a part of the Office of Student Life, the new Multicultural Center has relocated to the former Campus Safety Office in the Athletics Pavilion.

The new space allows Multicultural Services to become independent functioning separately from Student Life.

This is an important step in honoring diversity at the University of La Verne. While there is room – and there are plans – to grow in this area, we are glad to see the progress that the University has made in multicultural services for its students.

At the start of 2011, the University’s Board of Trustees came together to collect input from students, faculty and alumni about changes they wanted to see on campus. Two years later the Board presented the 2020 Strategic Vision based on the opinions of current and former students and faculty. A part of that vision was the Multicultural Center.

The benefit of this new development for students is a space for the campus’ diverse community.

It is important to promote an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance, and the new Multicultural Center will be a big component of this. We are excited to welcome this development to the ULV campus.

The University of La Verne’s diversity vision still has work to do before it is fully realized. But for now, the new space is an important step forward.

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