Homecoming court arrives in Wonderland

Joshua Bay
News Editor

The 2016 Homecoming Court Illuminations began on a high note when the Campus Activities Board revealed the top five men and top five women on the steps of Miller Hall.

The five princes are senior psychology major Elias Maldonado, senior business administration major Benjamin Alickovic, senior international business major Austin Heron, senior computer science major Raymond Gonzalez and senior broadcast television major Ezra Broadus.

The five princesses are senior business administration major Cynthia Ramirez, senior kinesiology major Alaia Azarcon, senior radio broadcasting major Reanna Hilario, senior business administration major Alexis Coria and senior public relations major Deonah Cendejas.

“I was so surprised when they said I was even nominated for Homecoming court, and then to find out that I made it through as a princess meant so much to me,” Cendejas said. “It showed me that the University has recognized me for what I do on campus.”

The nominated seniors have been involved in diverse clubs and organizations on campus.

Maldonado is a resident assistant and a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity in addition to working front desk at the Campus Center.

Alickovic is a resident assistant and a member of Enactus, and was previously involved in ASULV, Phi Delta Theta fraternity and the football team.

Heron is a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, and was previously involved in ASULV.

Gonzalez is the President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

Broadus is the wide receiver for the football team, in addition to being a member of the Brothers’ Forum, Black Student Union, Crew and La Verne Vogue.

Ramirez is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority and a student ambassador for the Office of Admissions, and was previously the coordinator for Orientation Week, a leader for Preview Day and a member of Black Student Union.

Azarcon is a member of Sigma Kappa sorority and a Senator-At-Large for ASULV, and was previously a Preview Day leader, a Spotlight leader and an Orientation Week leader.

Hilario is a member of Iota Delta sorority and Mu Phi Epsilon fraternity, in addition to being the Campus Board Activities co-chairwoman and the music director for Leo FM.

Coria is a member of Iota Delta sorority and the President of ASULV, in addition to being a member of Order of Omega, an Orientation Week leader, a Landis leader, a business adviser for the Integrated Business Program and a Business 101 mentor.

Cendejas is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority, the dance team, a sales associate for the bookstore, an assistant coordinator for the housing office and a public relations intern for the Academic Success Center, and was previously involved in the College Democrats club, Spotlight, Preview Day, Orientation Week, Campus Times and La Verne Magazine.

During the court reveal, the princes and princesses dressed up as different characters to fit the Alice in Wonderland Homecoming theme.

“Ezra and I are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,” Ramirez said. “On Saturday we’re going to be all dolled up, so today we just wanted to have fun with it and have a good time out there.”

In addition to Broadus and Ramirez’s Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum costumes, Alickovic and Coria were the King and Queen of Hearts; Gonzalez and Cendejas were the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit; Maldonado and Azarcon were the White Rabbit and Queen of Hearts; and Heron and Hilario were the White Rabbit and Alice.

Several of the princes and princesses expressed their gratitude to those who elected them onto the Homecoming court.

“I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t expect so many people to cheer for me during the reveal,” Maldonado said. “It was great and I liked it. It was nice to see that people actually care about you.”

Homecoming King and Queen will be revealed 1 p.m. Saturday on the Founders Hall steps.

Joshua Bay can be reached at joshua.bay@laverne.edu.

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