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Graveyard tour offers scary thrills

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Alexandra Felton
Staff Writer

There are hidden tombstones nestled under shaggy trees only 10 minutes from wherever you are on campus.

This sounds scary, but at Spadra Cemetery on Pomona Boulevard in Pomona, Halloween night became an educational experience for all that dared to enter.

Dark skies surrounded the people waiting to visit the deceased. The brief walk to the cemetery was bone-chillingly dark and lined with trees, but there were sweet little treats and flashlights for sale at the start of the tour.

A tour guide was ready with a microphone as she started the event in front of a tombstone.

She told historical, scandalous dark tales and gave great background to the lives these people lived in the 1800s.

The true stories told were based on documents at the Pomona Historical Society that this event takes place.

Deborah Clifford, vice president of the historical society and a retired high school teacher, explained the origins of the event.

“There used to be parties here on Halloween night which was trespassing,” Clifford said. “So we started charging admission three years ago to keep them away yet make this place a fun experience.”

While on the tour, some people were trying to scare their friends and make trick-or-treats of their own.

Connie Juarez, a Pomona native of 33 years, was with her husband looking at the spooky tombstones and hearing the stories.

“Two years ago, a friend told me on Facebook to do this tour…it is good to go and support our communities like this,” Juarez said.

Rubio Gonzalez, a member of the Pomona Historic Preservation Commission and a candidate for Pomona City Council, spoke about the history and worth of the Spadra Cemetery and the preservation of its land.

“Once you take the element of secrecy and wonder out of this cemetery, then people will be less inclined to break in,” Gonzalez said.

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