Letter to the Editor

Dear Leos,

The Nov. 8 election is approaching, and early voting is currently underway. If you are eligible to vote, I encourage you to send in your ballot or visit your polling place next week and exercise this important right.

I am one of over 400 presidents and chancellors of universities across the United States who have signed the National Campus Compact Civic Action Plan, and I am proud to serve on the National and California Campus Compact Boards. The Civic Action Plan outlines a handful of ideals toward which we are working, but the one that speaks loudest to me this election season is a commitment to “prepare our students for lives of engaged citizenship, with the motivation and capacity to deliberate, act, and lead in pursuit of the public good.”

The University of La Verne has prepared our students, faculty and staff to be engaged citizens. Now is the opportunity to demonstrate your leadership and to contribute to the public good.

To learn more about what measures are on the California ballot, visit the secretary of state’s Quick Guide to Propositions. If you are registered out of state and wish to learn about national and local candidates and ballot measures, resources are available to help you on your respective secretary of state websites.

Your vote is your voice.

Devorah Lieberman

Devorah Lieberman


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