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Local eateries offer healthy meals

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Marisa Saldaña
Staff Writer

Finding affordable, healthy and convenient food can be difficult, but restaurants meet these criteria right here in La Verne, including Spooner’s, Lordsburg Taphouse and Grill and Argo Mediterranean Grille.

Andrew and Judy Lim, husband and wife owners of Spooner’s, feel personally connected to the students of the University of La Verne.

“Our daughter will be going to college next year so we really feel that having healthy options for kids around our daughter’s age is really important because it’s what we would make for her,” Judy Lim said.

Spooner’s, a Korean-American establishment, serves a variety of favorites from cheeseburgers to sushi. Their bimbimbap, like many traditional Korean plates, includes lots of vegetables. Options like their soon tofu, is high in nutritional value and served on a bed of vegetables.

A couple doors away from Spooner’s is Lordsburg Taphouse and Grill, which offers a variety of healthy food from ahi tuna salads to grilled salmon entrées.

Lordsburg also offers filling side salads to pair with entrées, like their lobster grilled cheese. Their most popular healthy dish is their portobello panini, an all-vegetable dish that serves savory vegetables like zucchini and squash on a Portobello mushroom.

For something more exotic, the Greek-themed restaurant Argo Mediterranean Grille offers traditional dishes. Most of their plates, like tabbouleh ­– a salad of tomatoes, parsley, mint and quinoa – are vegetarian and prepared with olive oil, which cuts calories out of the food.

On campus, students have the option of both Barbara’s Place and Davenport Dining Hall, both catered by Bon Appétit.

Miguel Ignacio, sophomore business administration major and employee of Bon Appétit, explained that healthy and vegetarian options are implemented into the food schedule of both options each day.

“The meals here vary from week to week. Last week we had Korean barbecue and this week we have Mexican, but there’s always a vegetarian option regardless of the theme,” Ignacio said. “You can always find detailed nutritional information on the (Bon Appétit) website, or you can always ask the chef. They prepare everything from scratch, or even the (dining) office because they’re the ones that put together the menu.”

Head Chef of Bon Appétit Justin Alarcon believes in the importance of paying attention to the ingredients that go into the food he makes.

“As a chef and father to my 10-year-old daughter Sophia, who has severe food restrictions and allergies since she was three years old. Because of that I understand the importance of personal food management since I live with it everyday,” Alarcon said.

Alarcon said he hopes to achieve more discussion with the students about how to make their dining experiences more enjoyable.

“I have and will always work one-on-one with any student or guest that may need a special dietary menu designed just for him or her. I really hope people come talk to me, I am always open to talk about what we can change or include, or just make things better. My door is always open,” Alarcon said.

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