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Phi Delta Theta volleyball tournament raises $700

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Deborah Lee
Staff Writer

Everyone is a winner when it comes to benefiting a philanthropic cause, but only one team was declared the winner at Phi Delta Theta’s Spike Out ALS volleyball tournament.

The event was held Wednesday in the Athletics Pavilion.

More than $700 was raised, said Ricardo Escobedo, Phi Delta Theta member and sophomore athletic training major who planned the event.

Phi Delta Theta fundraises for the ALS Association, the organization’s national philanthropy, through a participation and admissions fee.

ALS, also known as that’s also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a degenerative disease that has no cure.

The winning team also got to donate $100 of money raised to a charity of its choice.

The winning team, named the Potatoes, from Cal Poly Pomona chose to donate the money to the same philanthropy as the hosting party.

Fifteen teams participated in this event, garnering attendance from students and alumni from ULV and other universities.

There was positive energy among the teammates and opposing teams.

“Just knowing I can have fun with friends while also being able to donate money to another frat’s philanthropy makes this a fun event,” said Janelle Pedroza, member of team Sigma Spikers and sophomore biology major.

Phi Delta Theta member and senior biology major Jaime Cervantes Jr. added: “There were so many back-and-forth emails to Risk Management, the head of the sports department, and paperwork to be done to make sure this event had everything it needed.”

“This event has been so successful, we hope to do this again next year,” said Stephen Rivera, Phi Delta Theta member and sophomore psychology major.

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