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Beauty ‘mixologists’ use natural remedies

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Miguel Fernandez
Staff Writer

It may be time to take a trip to the newest local spa. The city of Claremont’s new DermaGarden Holistic Spa & Complexion Bar is now open for business.

DermaGarden boasts all-natural remedies, services and skincare products.

The spa offers facials, sugar hair removal, massages, nails and soaks. All services are performed with natural ingredients including different oils, herbs, salts and flowers.

The spa even offers eyelash extensions that utilize faux mink fur.

Unlike other spas, DermaGarden Spa provides a unique service called the complexion bar which is a customization tool for customers to create their very own personalized skin care regimen.

“This is the Chipotle for skin care,” said Jessalyn Marler, owner of the DermaGarden Spa. “Everything in the bar is vegan and organic. Customers can choose the ingredients they want based on their own skin type.”

The complexion bar is home to the beauty mixologists who specialize in customizing the perfect products for customers and their skin.

Sara Foster, beauty mixologist at the spa has a passion for organic products and essential oils.

“Mixing ingredients is fun, it gives us the freedom to explore new things and we continue to learn,” Foster said.

Along with using natural products, beauty mixologists understand the concept of customization for every skin type.

“It’s really nice to customize something for you, other products are geared towards big groups and not for the individual,” Foster said. “You gain knowledge on what the skin needs.”

The idea for an all-organic spa arose when owner Marler was given the opportunity to return to esthetician school after managing an ’80s themed bar for several years. The owners were beyond pleased with her managing skills and decided to give her the opportunity to start her own business in skincare, something she was passionate about.

The spa is holistic –including methods focused on treating the body as a whole, not just a symptom.

“We take a natural approach to treating with all natural ingredients,” Marler said. “We replace chemicals with all natural products that are made in house.”

Besides pushing an all-natural approach, the spa also gears to educate guests on their own skin and skin care. They said they want guest to feel comfortable with the idea of self-care at home and on-the-go.

“I would like to see our beauty mixologist inspire and educate not only our clients but themselves too,” said Virginia Aguayo, assistant manager and esthetician. “To educate on the benefits of natural products.”

The spa has been open since Feb. 4. With constant growth in the plan, the business uses social media analytics to find different tactics to expand its clientele, as well as gearing social media posts and interacting with its target audience. DermaGarden is at 101 N- Indian Hill Blvd.

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