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New club pushes professional skills

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Miguel Fernandez
Staff Writer

While academic classes fill us with high-minded ideas, the new Professional Leaders of La Verne club, introduced this year, is designed to help students develop important work force skills.

Those skills include professionalism, leadership and functioning in life in general.

“We’re students trying to promote and educate the necessary skills to students who don’t have the same opportunities as we have,” said Elisha Campos, sophomore business administration major and president of the club.

Campos and four other students formed the club because they felt it was essential for students to receive resources like professional speakers and informational workshops to help them achieve success.

Not everyone is provided with the opportunity to learn the necessary skills it takes to become a professional leader, Campos said.

Those skills include knowing how to dress professionally, as well as having proper posture and body language during an interview.

During meetings, the club members are taught new skills and work etiquette that will aid them their future careers.

Sophomore economics major Joelene Kuaana is the director of education for the club.

“I’m usually the one that forms the presentations and speaks on the subjects being discussed,” Kuaana said.

Part of the club’s mission is to give students real-life simulations of tasks that professionals, and even average adults, accomplish regularly.

The club is having an upcoming event where a tax representative will teach the importance of filing your taxes and tips for making sure it is a smooth process.

“Being adults, we need to know how to do our own taxes,” Campos said.

Future workshops will include mock interviews, guest speakers and field trips.

It is not just about mastering new skills, but looking further into what will benefit future careers Campos said.

Making connections and networking are additional skills professionals are taught to use in order to succeed in their careers.

Sophomore business administration major Manuel Del Toro has posed the idea of connecting the club to the La Verne community.

“An idea we have is to collect food and give it out to the community of La Verne,” Del Toro said.

“It will help build professionalism by interacting with the community.”

Since the startup of the club, the organization has had one fundraiser and plans for more in the future.

With the funds raised, the club plans on purchasing resources, like flyers, materials to give out, possible field trips and even free food to reach out to students.

The Professional Leaders of La Verne has bi-monthly meetings from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursdays.

Anyone is welcome to join.

For more information about club meetings contact Elisha Campos at

Miguel Fernandez can be reached at

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