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Seniors show passion behind camera

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Shaikha Almawlani
Staff Writer

University of La Verne seniors display their talents in a photo exhibit at the Ground Floor Gallery in Miller Hall.

The exhibit opened Feb. 16 and was designed to provide seniors an opportunity to publicly present their work, senior photography major and exhibit curator Jerri White said.

White exhibited pieces from her series “Palm Dreams.”

“I saw a really beautiful sunset and enjoyed the palette,” White said. “I just took out my camera and started taking some silhouettes of my neighbor’s palm tree against the sunset. I really wasn’t happy with the photos, but when I shared them with my friends, they seemed to be really big hits.”

She started photography as a 5-year-old, taking pictures of family and friends.

“I found an awesome connection between myself, nature and the camera,” White said.

Donna Martinez, senior journalism major, has two pieces in the exhibit. She started photography during her freshmen year of high school.

“I do a lot of landscape, nature and urban landscape,” Martinez said. “It is what I have always stuck to, and what I enjoyed and grew up doing.”

Martinez considers herself a traveller and showcased photographs taken during her first trip out of the country.

“I capture my love for my travels through my photography,” Martinez said. “I went to Peru to attend a friend’s wedding and took photographs to capture the memories and being in a different place, a different culture.”

Meghan Attaway, senior photography major, also started photography during her freshmen year of high school. She distinguishes between her personal and professional photography in regards to subject choice.

“For fun, I photograph landscape abstract architecture,” Attaway said. “Professionally, it depends on the occasion; mostly portraits, events or products.”

She displayed images from her recent trip to Italy, attempting to share the scenery and re-experience her discovery of Venice.

“I went to Italy this past January with the art history study abroad program and while I was there, I immediately knew I needed to take specific equipment,” Attaway said. “I wanted to photograph the entire time because travelling and photography are my two favorite things. Those photos are my favorite glimpses while I was walking.”

Unlike her peers, Megan Peralez, senior photography major, started photography in college.

“I did not own a camera until I started school as a photography major,” Peralez said. “In high school, there was an ad for a scholarship and I applied and fell in love with the program. I just felt like home being in the basement (of Miller Hall).”

Peralez specializes in animal portraiture. She displayed two portraits: one of a dog and another of a cat.

“This had to do with my senior project. A lot of it was just testing out techniques, and I just discovered my niche,” Peralez said. “I started taking pictures of cats and dogs before having to work with horses and studio lighting.”

The exhibit runs through March 16.

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