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Cyber assault degrades Marines

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More than two dozen female Marines were violated and degraded by their fellow servicemen who posted nude photos of them accompanied by their names, rank and military station in early March.

Thousands of photos and obscene comments were posted to Marines United, a Facebook group with 30,000 male members spanning from Japan to North Carolina.

Along with the Facebook posts came a link to a Google Drive with more photos of other active-duty and veteran women.

This offense against women fighting for our country destroys the honor and loyalty that the military promotes and cherishes. Men who claim to fight for a better country are hurting their own colleagues, fellow countrywomen, by committing these sexist acts.

After the Marine Corps was notified of the posts, they contacted Facebook and Google to ask them to delete the accounts, according to The War Horse, a nonprofit news site that focuses on military affairs.

Two men have been punished so far, but that is not enough. After almost 100 years of women being allowed in the military, these men are behind the times and do not live up to the honor that true servicemen deserve.

After Thomas Brennan – founder of The War Horse, Iraq and Afghanistan combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient – published an article about the obscene Facebook posts, many of the group’s members threatened Brennan and his family.

Even after these men were caught, they continued to defend their wrongdoings instead of owning up to them.

The photos were not all received from the women in confidence that they would not be shared, as many were taken in secrecy. In one instance a serviceman even followed a woman and photographed her while she was picking up her gear in North Carolina.

In addition to it all, the shaming and degrading of women in a male dominated workplace shows young girls that many men are not ready for equality and respect. This kind of unethical behavior keeps women from feeling comfortable entering that line of work in fear that when they get there, they will face discrimination and scrutiny.

It is not a new revelation that there is casual misogyny in the military, and it is time that it is put to rest for the sake of our country and its hardworking women. They should not be forced to put up with such experiences in any workplace, let alone while risking their lives for the country.

The men who still participate in the degradation of women who are fighting right alongside of them do not deserve the honor and respect that those who serve so often receive.

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