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Deborah Lee
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The exhibit “Black and White” features the photographic work of senior communications major Nanor Zinzalian and junior photography major Ashlyn Hulin. It is curated by senior photography major Jerri White.

The photo exhibit will run through May 20 in the Ground Floor Gallery in Miller Hall.

Hulin’s photos focused on women’s bodies and overcoming insecurities, including one of her own heel.

“It’s interesting because I was self-conscious of my feet since I was a dancer,” Hulin said.

Zinzalian’s photos featured architectural landscapes from a three-week trip to Italy during the January Interterm.

“I just found myself taking photos of repetition, symmetry and architecture,” Zinzalian said.

Hulin emphasized that she never retouches the zoomed-in photos she takes.

“It takes away that detail and I wanted to put the series together with Nanor’s since I thought it complemented well with her detailed architecture,” Hulin said. “Similarly to women’s bodies, there’s so many details you can discover.”

Hulin also featured Zinzalian in the photo exhibit.

“Ashlyn took two photos of me, one of them were my hands and one of my back,” Zinzalian said. “I was self-conscious of my back since the picture was so big when she zoomed in. The photo of my tattoo kind of ended the series because my photos started with a spiral staircase and (Hulin’s) ends with my spiral tattoo.”

“It started and ended with a circular theme,” Hulin said. “Everything fit together, the spiral, the black and white. Both of our series merged together.”

The reception was also black-and-white with themed food and decorations.

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