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3 interim safety directors named


The three lead campus safety officers, Laura Avalos, Chris Lockwood, and Jerry Espinoza, are serving in as interim campus safety directors, in succession, with Avalos currently running the show – following James Miyashiro, who left in June to take a position at the University of San Diego.

Jeff Clark, formerly the director of campus safety, took over Miyashiro’s position until he retired July 28.

Each interim director serves for two months, followed by the next, as they rotate into the lead position, Avalos said.

As lead officers, they supervise the safety officers’ performance of daily operations.

“I work with the community to develop and implement emergency evacuation plans of the great shakeout,” Avalos said.

“I organize conduct and evaluate evacuation drills for all campus buildings. I operate and maintain high safety for our visitors, our students, our staff.”

“Also, all leads are responsible for training all campus safety officers to inspect and maintain their equipment and anything that’s assigned to perform their responsibilities,” she added.

Espinoza covered the first term from July 1 to Aug. 31. Avalos took over on Sept. 3. Lockwood will take over Nov. 5. Avalos said that the three interim campus safety directors answer to David Keetle, interim senior director of campus safety operations.

Miyashiro had served in the position for 18 months before leaving June 23.

–Aryn Plax

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