‘Time Traveler’

“Time Traveler” by process-based abstract artist Rotem Reshef is on display on the Tall Wall Space in the Arts and Communications Building at 2016 D Street through Dec. 15.

dA Center for the Arts

The dA Center for the Arts in Pomona is participating in the Getty’s “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA” series, exploring Latin American and Latino art in Los Angeles, with two events.

“Aztlan: A Sense of Place,” the center’s 15th annual exhibit, is on display through Jan. 28, 2018.

“Son Jarocho…Live!” will take place at 4 p.m. Sunday. The event will present the legacy and history of son jarocho, a regional style of Mexican folk music, through a short lecture, live performances, dancing and a film.

The dA Center for the Arts is located at 252 South Main Street in Pomona

For more information visit dacenter.org.


The Inland Empire Museum of Art in Upland presents “Line: Five Different Stories,” an art exhibition on the fundamentals that bring artwork to life. The exhibit showcases five artists and their abstract sculptures and paintings and runs through Oct. 27.

The Inland Empire Museum of Art is located at 1334 N. Benson Ave., Suite D, in Upland. For more information visit iearts.org.


The Pomona College Museum of Art presents “Prometheus 2017: Four Artists from Mexico Revisit Orozco,”

The exhibit, which explores Jose Clemente Orozco’s 1930 mural and how it resonates with four other artists from Mexico, runs through Dec. 16.

The museum is located at 330 N. College Avenue in Claremont. For more information visit pomona.edu/museum.

—Arturo Gomez Molina

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