Superheroes to replace Homecoming royalty

Crystian Mendoza
Sports Editor

The University of La Verne will incorporate a gender-neutral recognition in this year’s Homecoming festivities, replacing kings and queens with superheroes.

The decision to end the decades-long Homecoming court tradition was made by the Campus Activities Board, who approved the gender neutral suggestion by Major Event Co-Chairwomen Ashley Kate Sayas and Rachael DelaCruz.

“I think they want to try something different and I respect that,” said Associated Students of the University of La Verne President Elmeera Nosrati, junior business administration major. “This is the direction they wanted to go in, and I believe it’s something we should all be open to and feel out to see how it goes.”

The change has sparked mixed emotions from students regarding the superhero theme compared to previous traditional Homecoming themes.

“It’s different, it’s something to try out because I’ve never really heard of any other school doing that,” said freshman kinesiology major Destiny Mendoza. “Personally, I like the more traditional Homecoming style with court nominations, voting for king and queen.”

On the other hand, some students said they feel it is something new and can be a unique experience at La Verne.

“Maybe because it is something so different it might call attention to it,” sophomore biology major Catherina Posada said. “Superheroes isn’t just a guy or girl thing, it’s a good mix of both. With Homecoming usually being so formal, I think it will be good for the guys who feel too lazy to dress up formally, and it will just be easier to get more people involved.”

Monday kicked off the Homecoming week as CAB hosted “Avengers Assemble” at Sneaky Park, with a presentation of the student and faculty or staff as Homecoming heroes.

Student finalists are senior psychology major Sebastian Ayala, senior liberal studies major Aundria Gregg, senior business administration major Osvaldo Jaime, junior communications major Hannah Mitchell and senior speech communications major Alyssa Ramos.

Faculty and staff finalists are Professor of Kinesiology Paul Alvarez, Associate Director of the Campus Center Jim Brooks, Admissions Counselor Jeremy McWells, Director of Residence Life Eugene Shang and Student Life Operations Coordinator Cindy Vallejo.

After the heroes were presented, students lined up to vote for their Homecoming hero of choice. Only clubs and organizations were allowed to nominate faculty, staff and students as heroes, as the process was closed to the general student body.

“I think it’s really cool that they are appreciating faculty, I think that’s really respectable,” Nosrati said. “A lot of those faculty members that are nominated on court don’t get the praise and attention they deserve. They are all great professors.”

After voting, students received a free red t-shirt with a “2017 Homecoming of Heroes” logo.

The Homecoming street fair will take place Saturday from noon to 2 p.m., on Third Street between B and C streets. The announcement of the Homecoming heroes will take place by the steps of Founders Hall at 1 p.m. At approximately 1:45 p.m. the parade will begin, starting on the west side of Third Street and going east through the street fair from B Street to C Street. Shortly after, the club booth and float winners will be announced.

“I feel like they’re making it super fun,” junior public relations major Blayden Wesleyson said. “I think it’s a great concept and gives students the chance to dress up.”

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