Uber delivers you, and now drives your food too

Jocelyn Arceo
Staff Writer

One of the world’s most popular ride-sharing apps has now expanded its food delivery service, UberEATS, to the San Gabriel Valley and nearby cities, including Claremont, Pomona and Chino.
UberEATS is an extension of the ride-sharing smart phone app Uber, which allows users to request a ride from one destination to another.

With UberEATS, the user can now request delivery of food to their location from select local restaurants.

“UberEATS is really convenient,” Fernando Armas, junior legal studies major said. “Thanks (to the app) for preventing my possible DUI’s.”

Some local restaurants available on UberEATS include Mr. D’s Diner on Foothill, The Brick Market and Deli on Arrow Highway and The Spot Cafe in Claremont.

Users can even order ice cream from Grandma Pucci’s Homemade Ice Cream shop.

Other franchised establishments in the San Gabriel Valley include McDonald’s, Panda Express, Togo’s Sandwiches and Jersey Mike’s.

“I would always have to walk to get food, now I can just sit in the comfort of my dorm and wait for it to arrive,” Ricardo Menard, junior legal studies major said.

UberEATS is simple and quick to use. With the click of a button and a small delivery fee, food gets to users’ doorsteps within minutes. The fees vary from area to area, but the prices are generally reasonable.

For example, a delivery fee for McDonald’s on Foothill Boulevard to the Vista La Verne Residence Hall is $4.99.

Just like in the original driving app, the customer is charged electronically via the app.

UberEATS is especially convenient for customers who do not drive and do not have many food options within reasonable walking distance.

The way the app works is similar to the original Uber app, with the user’s same Uber account information being used for UberEATS.

After opening the app, the user types in their location, finds a restaurant that provides UberEATS in the list provided, chooses items from the menu and then sends in the order to an Uber driver.

When the order is ready, the driver is notified, picks it up from the restaurant and delivers it straight to the user’s doorstep.

Uber also runs background checks on their employees before hiring, making for usually quick and efficient drivers.

Ideal for students, there are a few who feel that UberEATS making an expansion to the San Gabriel Valley is long overdue.

“We need UberEATS,” junior psychology major Alexa Woods said. “Because we live in such a small town, nothing is ever open past nine here.”

Unfortunately, UberEATS does not offer complete free range over where the customers can order from.

The app, instead, offers a list of available options close to the customer’s location.

If the desired restaurant is not available on the given list, the customer cannot request further options.

“A lot of food services are offering deliveries and designing their own apps,” junior biology major Brian Garibay said.  “With the other apps you could save your favorites and gain reward points, something UberEATS does not do.”

The UberEATS app can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Jocelyn Arceo can be reached at jocelyn.arceo@laverne.edu.

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