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Dodgers fans still waiting for team to deliver championship

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Arturo Gomez Molina
Assistant Editor

The 29-year World Series drought continued for the Los Angeles Dodgers after losing the series 4-3 against the Houston Astros last week.

The Dodgers ended the regular season with a league-high 104 wins, surpassing the 1974 Dodgers who won 102 games.

They could not however tie the franchise high of 105 from the 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers.

“I seriously thought this was our year. I thought we were going to go all the way,” Los Angeles resident Abraham Cervantez said.

Cervantez was sitting at Lordsburg Taphouse enjoying a few drinks and food with his fiancée and a room full of Dodger fans.

“It was disappointing to see but this team is young and I know we’ll have a comeback. It all just depends on the moves that the organization makes on the off season,” he said.

Cervantez said he is already excited for next season to come around and can’t wait to wear his World Series Dodger hat and jersey.

For most other teams in Major League Baseball, their seasons had finished in late September.

Since the Dodgers extended their season as far as any team could, keeping Chavez Ravine open for business longer than in any other season in 29 years.

Thanks to Professor of Photography Gary Colby, two photography students from La Verne had the opportunity to be part of the postseason madness at Dodger Stadium as photo runners.

“I had never been to a baseball game before so it was definitely an exciting experience,” senior La Verne Magazine photography editor Nadira Fatah said.

“It was a little intimidating because everyone else there was older and editors for these big magazines but I would definitely do it again if I had the chance,” she said.

Fatah said she was not expecting to get a call back after submitting her application and was happy to have not gone through the experience alone.

Bay area native and Oakland Athletics fan Taylor Griffith was the second student who joined Fatah running SD cards and equipment to photographers throughout the stadium during the games.

“It was definitely fast-paced and really exciting to be at most of the games,” Griffith said. “Photo running is a very old-timey and traditional way of getting photos from one place to another, but I’m glad to have been part of it.”

The Dodgers have taken to social media and print ads to congratulate the Astros on their victory and have said they are looking to come back and take the title in the 2018 season.

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